Peer Counseling Intervention Protocol

NonsmokerSmokerFormer Smoker
Social norms/reasons for not smoking/assess susceptibility: (3 questions: 2 intention, 1 self-efficacy)Like and not like about smoking/social normsLike and not like about smoking/social norms
Nicotine addictionNicotine addictionNicotine addiction
Assess readiness to quit/motivationAssess readiness to remain a nonsmoker
Past quit attemptsReview most recent quit experience
Staying smoke free
    Stress management moduleStress management moduleStress management module
    Resisting social influences to smokeMethods to quitMethods to stay smoke free
    Personal quit plan    Triggers and strategies
    Triggers and strategies    Resisting social influences to smoke
    Resisting social influences to smoke
    Dealing with major barriers to quitting
    Withdrawal symptoms