Likelihood of Using Any Drug by Adulthood as a Result of Stimulant Treatment in High School

MeasureUntreated (N = 115)Treated (N = 32)χ2PEta
Current alcohol/drug use
 Have at least 1 alcoholic drink per wk786822690.01NS0.008
 Had at least 1 drunken episode in past 3 mo716217530.77NS0.073
 Used drugs at least once in past 3 mo433714440.43NS0.054
Lifetime likelihood of
 Using marijuana796922690.00NS0.000
 Using cocaine232013405.76.0160.198
 Using amphetamines/speed21188250.72NS0.070
 Using any stimulant292515475.60.0180.195
 Using hallucinogens383314441.26NS0.092
 Using narcotics22261.92NS0.114
 Using sedatives11106192.07NS0.119
 Using other drugs13115160.44NS0.054
  • NS indicates not significant.