Comparison of Oximetric Screening for Critical CCVM Versus Screening for Hypothyroidism, Phenylketonuria, and Congenital Hearing Loss

CCVMHypothyroidismPhenylketonuriaCongenital Hearing Loss
Frequency per 100 000 births44257260
No. of positive, first screen460053500
No. of children diagnosed3154140
Positive predictive value75%3%80%5%
Cost of initial screen per childNegligible$3$3$25
Screening cost per confirmed diagnosisNegligible$10 800$40 500$98 600
Clinical result of delayed diagnosisDeathCretinismMental retardationLanguage delay, academic delay, psychosocial difficulties, cognitive delay
Central nervous system injury
  • Data from Colorado Newborn Hearing Screening Project.9