Likelihood of Using Drugs by Adulthood as a Result of Stimulant Treatment in Childhood

MeasureUntreated (N = 21)Treated (N = 98)χ2PEta
Current alcohol/drug use
 Have at least 1 alcoholic drink per wk178165661.73NS0.120
 Had at least 1 drunken episode in past 3 mo136257580.10NS0.029
 Used drugs at least once in past 3 mo83235360.04NS0.019
Lifetime likelihood of
 Using marijuana157165660.20NS0.041
 Using cocaine1525264.36.0370.191
 Using amphetamines/speed31419190.30NS0.050
 Using any stimulant31429302.06NS0.132
 Using hallucinogens94333340.64NS0.073
 Using narcotics00330.66NS0.074
 Using sedatives0011112.60NS0.148
 Using other drugs21012120.12NS0.032
  • NS indicates not significant.