Comparison of Results of Pulse Oximetry Screening for CCVM at the 2 Participating Sites

TotalHospital AHospital B
Population (fetal diagnosis live birth + screened infants + symptomatic)11 29686552641
Total major CCVM20155
Fetal diagnosis990
Symptomatic before screening642
Number screened11 28186422639
Major CCVM cases in asymptomatic newborns523
Prevalence of major CCVM in total population1/5641/5771/528
Prevalence of major CCVM in asymptomatic population1/22561/43211/880
Major CCVM detected by screening/number screened1/37601/86421/1320
True positive312
False positive101
True negative11 27586402635
False negative211
Number of fetal echos906798108
Fetal echo/number screened8%9%4%