Previous Studies That Evaluated the Impact of CPOE in Pediatric Patients

StudyMain Outcome VariableFindings
King et al,9 (2003)Review of pediatric incident reports during a 6-y period before and after CPOE implementation on 2 medical pediatric wards compared with 2 medical and 1 surgical ward at the same hospital that did not institute CPOE during the same 6-y period.40% decline in errors reported after CPOE compared with wards that did not implement CPOE
Potts et al,10 (2004)Review of medication orders before and after CPOE implementation in 1 PICU.41% reduction in potentially dangerous medication errors after implementation of CPOE
Upperman et al,23 (2005)Review of incident reports before and after CPOE implementation in patients at 1 pediatric hospital.Significant reduction in harmful adverse drug events after CPOE implementation; need to treat 64 patients to prevent 1 adverse drug event
McPhillips et al,11 (2005)Cross-sectional study of outpatient pediatric prescriptions from large administrative database.No difference in rates of potential dosing errors between clinics using and not using CPOE
Han et al,13 (2005)Retrospective analysis of mortality data for pediatric patients who were transported to the hospital for specialized care before and after implementation of CPOE.Increased odds (3.28) of mortality multivariate analysis after implementation of CPOE