Non–Life-Threatening ICD-9-CM Diagnostic Conditions and Codes From Infant Hospital Discharge Data

Non–Life-Threatening ICD-9-CM Diagnostic ConditionsNon–Life-Threatening ICD-9-CM Diagnostic Codes
Conditions signifying birth weight of <2000 g or preterm birth at >33 wk gestation765.1, 765.10, 765.18, 796.19, 765.27–765.29
Circumstances other than a disease or injury that result in an encounter or are recorded by providers as problems or factors that influence care, except when there is observation and evaluation for suspected conditions not found (V71)V01–V21.33, V21.35–V28.9, V30–V70.9a, V72–V82.9 (all V codes except V71)
Breast engorgement of the newborn778.7, 778.8, 778.9,
Birthmarks215, 216
Lipomas of the skin and subcutaneous tissue214.0, 214.1,
Hemangioma of skin228.01
Hearing loss389
Nasolacrimal stenosis375.5
Teeth and periodontal conditions520, 521, 522, 523
Redundant prepuce and phimosis605
Leukorrhea, not specified as infective, vulval and vaginal discharge noninflammatory623.5, 623.8, 624.8, 624.9, 625.8, 626.8, 629.8
Dermatitis and diaper rash non–drug related690, 691, 692,
Other benign skin disorders700–706.9, 709
Scalp injury at birth767.1
Undescended testicles752.5
Polydactyly755.0, 755.1
Congenital anomalies of the integument (skin)757
  • a Includes ICD-9-CM V50.2, routine or ritual circumcision in the absence of a significant medical condition.