Responses for Each Item That Are Consistent With Recommended Responses

Recommended Response
A. Recommended medical history and physical examination
  HypertensionM or O
  Endocrinologic disordersM or O
  Orthopedic problemsM or O
  Type 2 diabetes mellitus or insulin resistanceM or O
  Genetic syndromesM or O
  Sleep disordersM or O
  Pseudotumor cerebriM, O, or S
  Gastrointestinal disordersM, O, or S
B. Recommended laboratory evaluation
  Lipid evaluation
  Lipid profile or total cholesterolM or O
  Insulin/glucose dysregulation
  Insulin or glucose tolerance test or serum glucose or  glycohemoglobinM, O, or S
  Thyroid function testsS, R, or N
  CortisolS, R, or N
  Liver enzymesAny response
C. Recommended family history
  OverweightM or O
  DyslipidemiaM or O
  HypertensionM or O
  Cardiovascular diseaseM or O
  Gallbladder diseaseM or O
  Diabetes mellitusM or O
  Other endocrine abnormalitiesM or O
  Eating disorders in parentsM, O, or S
  • M indicates most of the time; O, often; S, sometimes; R, rarely; N, never.

    Adherence to recommendations for each evaluation section (medical history and physical examination, laboratory evaluation, and family history) is defined by adherence to recommended responses for all questions in the section.