Characteristics of the LISA Population According to Participation in This Analysis at 6 Years of Age

CharacteristicPopulation AnalyzedaPopulation Not AnalyzedaPb
        Bad Honnef229/207311.077/10247.5
    Female gender1020/207349.2491/102447.9.51
    Parental education
        High school graduate1450/205670.5516/100451.4<.001
        ≥10 y523/205625.4383/100438.1
        <10 y83/20564.0105/100410.5
    Parental allergy1106/206853.5479/102246.9<.001
    No. of older siblings
    Early skin or allergic symptoms795/205738.6308/74941.1.235
Feeding practices
    First introduction of any solids
        0–4 mo663/207332.0275/59846.0<.001
        5–6 mo1021/207349.3247/59841.3
        >6 mo389/207318.876/59812.7
    Solids diversity at 4 mo
        no solid food1410/202769.6323/56856.9<.001
        1–2 groups351/202717.3105/56818.5
        3–8 groups266/202713.1140/56824.6
Breastfeeding type at 4 mo
    Exclusively breastfed1224/207159.1367/74749.1<.001
    Exclusively bottle-fed107/20715.272/7479.6
    First introduction of allergens
        <6 mo811/206139.4382/70154.5<.001
        >6 mo1250/206160.7319/70145.5
Atopic outcomes
    Doctor diagnosis of eczema at 6 y174/20438.513/12810.2.521
    Doctor diagnosis of asthma at 6 y42/20432.13/1262.4.804
    Doctor diagnosis of allergic rhinitis at 6 y83/20394.15/1303.8.900
    Eczema symptoms at 6 y83/20404.15/1273.9.942
    Asthma symptoms at 6 y207/207210.015/13011.5.57
    Allergic rhinitis symptoms by 6 y284/205313.820/13015.4.62
    Food sensitization at 6 y135/112312.08/7011.4.882
    Inhalant sensitization at 6 y301/112326.817/7024.3.644
  • a For analysis, population was restricted to children with data on both exposure information and questionnaire information at the age of 6 years. n = number of observations; N = total number of observations, differences in N are attributable to number of missing values.

  • b P value from χ2 test comparing children according to analysis status.