Crude and Adjusted Relative Risks for Trying Smoking During Observation Period

ParameterRelative Risk95% CIa
Categorical variables
    Exposure to movie smoking
        Quartile 11.001.00Reference
        Quartile 21.551.371.09–1.68
        Quartile 32.201.781.39–2.29
        Quartile 42.881.961.55–2.47
    Age, y
    School type
        Gymnasium (SES = mid to high)1.001.00Reference
        Gesamtschule (SES = mixed)–1.25
        Realschule (SES = mid)1.691.411.06–1.89
        Hauptschule (SES = low)1.821.341.05–1.71
    Parent smoking
    Sibling smoking
    Friend smoking
    School performance
    Favorite tobacco ad
Continuous variablesb
    Sensation seeking/rebelliousness2.511.531.20–1.96
    Parenting style0.660.980.80–1.20
  • a Adjusted for all of the variables listed.

  • b For continuous variables, the relative risk represents increased risk for each 1-point increase in the 3-point scale.