Logistic Regression Modeling Results: Adjusted ORs for Independent Effects of Covariates in Predicting Likelihood of Having Been HIV-Positive at Last Test

Covariates For Multivariate AnalysesHIV+ at Last Test
Adjusted OR (95% CI)P
 Black vs white2.3 (1.1–4.8).002
 Other/mixed vs white1.2 (0.5–2.7)NS
Tested because participant thought he or she might have gotten HIV from sex
 Yes vs no3.0 (2.0–4.5)<.001
Tested because participant felt sick
 Yes vs no3.9 (2.1–7.2)<.001
Tested because health care professional thought it would be a good idea
 Yes vs no0.5 (0.3–0.8).002
  • NS indicates not significant.