Comparison Between Cerebral Peduncles and Between Corticospinal Tracts

VariableCHcontra, Mean (SD)CHipsi, Mean (SD)CTRLNdom, Mean (SD)CTRLDom, Mean (SD)ANOVARMPPosthoc
P, CHipsi/CHcontraP, CHcontra/CTRLNdomP, CHipsi/CTRLDomP, CTRLNdom/CTRLDom
Peduncle area, mm2121 (31.3)172 (34.5)172 (22.0)176 (22.3)<.001<.001<.001.992.986
CS tract area, mm248 (21.1)97 (23.3)92 (17.8)97 (19.2)<.001<.001<.001.911.877
  • CH indicates patients with CH; ipsi, ipsilateral to the paretic hand; contra, contralateral to the paretic hand; CTRL, controls; Dom, dominant side; Ndom, nondominant side; CS, corticospinal.