Cause of Death of the 295 Total Child Maltreatment Fatalities as Determined by the Colorado CFRC and on Death Records, 1990 to 1998

Cause of DeathCause of Death by CFRCAscertained as Maltreatment by Death Certificate
Bodily force (includes shaking, striking)93(31)77(83)16(17)
Hanging, strangulation, or suffocation (includes smothering, overlying, mechanical and inhalation suffocation)42(14)15(36)27(64)
Drowning or submersion42(14)4(10)38(90)
Neglect or abandonment (includes starvation, exposure, and medical neglect)31(11)2(7)29(93)
Firearm (includes all assaults or injuries by firearms)19(7)15(80)4(20)
Blunt object16(6)16(100)0(0)
Smoke, fire, flames, or hot objects (includes burns, fire, or smoke inhalation)15(5)3(20)12(80)
Drugs (poisoning)13(4)8(62)5(38)
Motor vehicle10(4)0(0)10(100)
Other maltreatment (includes mental cruelty, sexual abuse, and torture; excludes neglect and abandonment)5(2)0(0)5(100)
Sharp object4(1)4(100)0(0)
Dropping from high place4(1)3(75)1(25)