Baseline Demographic, Index Injury, and Risk Behavior Prevalence Characteristics of Study Sample by Treatment Group Assignment

Control N = 312Intervention N = 317Total N = 630
 Mean age16.4 y16.4 y16.4 y
 Attends school75.3%71.7%73.5%
 Medicaid recipient20.3%19.6%19.9%
Index injury
 Median Injury Severity Score444
 Injury attributable to target behavior15.1%12.9%14.0%
Risk behaviors*
 Endorse ≥1 risk behavior72.1%72.2%72.7%
 Baseline behavior prevalence
  Seatbelt use
  Bicycle helmet use
  Drove after drinking6.6%10.8%8.8%
  Rode with impaired driver16.4%14.2%15.3%
  Binge drinking24.7%24.0%24.4%
  Carried weapon11.6%12.3%12.0%
  • * Prevalence over preceding 30 days.