Fully Adjusted Logistic Regression of Attentional Problems in 2002 on Media Exposure in 1997

ParameterAged 0–36 mo in 1997Aged 48–71 mo in 1997
Educational television
    OR (95% CI)0.64 (0.32–1.28)1.67 (0.80–3.50)
Nonviolent entertainment television
    OR (95% CI)1.73 (1.02–2.94)a1.31 (0.53–3.22)
Violent entertainment television
    OR (95% CI)2.20 (1.19–4.08)a0.80 (0.46–1.38)
Wald statistic (22 degrees of freedom)101.5658.35
  • Results were adjusted for child's age, race/ethnicity, gender, and birth order; number of children; mother's and father's educational levels and region and urbanicity of residence; presence of father; family conflict; and mother's level of depression. In addition, measures of emotional support and cognitive stimulation were controlled.

  • a P < .05.