Attitudes on Coding: Agreement (Agree-Strongly Agree) by Provider Type

Overall (%)DBP (%)PED (%)PSY (%)P Value*
Insurance and managed care organizations have created a system that fosters the use of alternate diagnoses.79.683.478.575.9.140
Alternate diagnostic codes are often needed to describe subthreshold or less severe conditions.68.376.762.463.9.002
Use of alternate diagnoses is more common for mental/behavioral problems than for other “physical” disorders67.277.869.251.4<.001
In some cases it is justified to use alternate diagnostic codes.64.169.360.661.3.103
Use of alternate diagnoses is sometimes the only way to obtain needed services.63.771.659.758.3.006
There are more pressures now than ever to use alternate diagnoses.51.256.746.749.0.089
Use of alternate diagnoses adds to the stigmatization of mental health problems.27.725.322.536.1.006
Use of alternate diagnoses could lead to improper treatment decisions.27.420.527.235.9.012
Use of alternate diagnoses is dishonest.25.821.225.931.4.001
Because of cuts in my reimbursement payments, it is a financial necessity to use alternate diagnoses.17.322.619.78.4<.001
  • * Overall test of association among the 3 provider groups.