Reported Reasons for Alternate Diagnosis

Overall (%)DBP (%)PED (%)PSY (%)P Value*
Diagnostic uncertainty/subthreshold symptoms72.575.768.372.7.251
To obtain needed patient services64.977.857.456.3<.001
Lack of descriptive/individualized codes54.265.742.651.4<.001
To obtain physician/practice reimbursement51.562.257.931.7<.001
To avoid labeling/stigmatization37.333.534.444.8.039
Concern of lack of parental acceptance30.436.124.629.0.037
Worry about patient’s future insurability25.528.319.727.9.094
Concerns of confidentiality21.515.719.131.2<.001
  • * Overall test of association compared the 3 provider groups.