Covariates Associated With Infant Weight Gain From 8 Weeks to 9 Months and From Birth to 9 Months

N8 wk to 9 mo Weight-Gain z ScoreBirth to 9 mo Weight-Gain z Score
Maternal height at birth, cm
    171 to <1759630.301.000.321.08
    165 to <170a14400.
    161 to <165a15620.
    156 to <160652−
    151 to <156465−0.191.04−0.091.13
    <151 cm81−0.280.90−0.120.97
Maternal BMI at birth, kg/m2
    19 to <21a12860.101.02
    21 to <23a15620.151.01
    23 to <25a9890.121.02
Infant parity (ordinal position)
    First borna25840.311.08<.00010.231.01<.0001
    Second born20190.
    Third born7180.021.15−0.021.09
    Fourth born267−0.051.13−0.051.09
Health of infant at 6 mo of age
    No problemsa56330.
Duration of breastfeeding: >6 mo
Refusing milk other than breast milk at 6 mo
Taking too small quantity of feed at 6 mo
  • NS indicates not significant; —, not applicable.

  • a Reference group used in the multivariate analysis.