Adjusted Incidence of Bacterial and Viral Skin Infections

Adverse EventPimecrolimus (n = 474; %)Control (n = 237; %)P Value*
Bacterial skin infection14.230.9.286
 Impetigo NOS8.326.7.079
 Bacterial infection NOS1.71.0.662
 Abscess NOS0.50.7.876
 Staphylococcal infection NOS0.40.321
 Streptococcal infection NOS0.20.487
Viral skin infection12.46.3.038
 Herpes simplex3.02.8.558
 Skin papilloma2.80.6.125
 Molluscum contagiosum2.71.8.698
 Eczema herpeticum2.10.8.274
 Herpes zoster1.00.199
 Pityriasis rosea0.50.391
 Flat warts0.30.556
 Herpes viral infection NOS0.30.556
 Viral rash NOS00.4.157
  • NOS indicates not otherwise specified.

  • * P value from time to first occurrence analysis (log-rank test).