Covariates Associated With Infant Weight Gain From Birth to 8 Weeks Old

NWeight-Gain z scoreP
Maternal height at birth, cm
    171 to <1769630.050.97
    166 to <171a1440−0.030.94
    161 to <166a1562−0.030.94
    156 to <161652−0.100.96
    151 to <156465−0.200.89
Maternal age at birth, y
    21 to <25a977−0.030.94
    25 to <30a2457−0.020.91
    30 to <35a1654−0.010.98
Use of a car at birth
Health of infant at 4–6 wk of age
    No problemsa3550−
Feeding difficulties (general) at 4–6 wk of age
Feeding difficulties (poor sucking) at 4–6 wk of age
  • a Reference group used in the multivariate analysis.