Influenza Vaccination Coverage of Children Who Were 5 to 18 Years of Age and Living in the T-B Intervention Communities

ParameterT-B Intervention Communities
Census Defined by City PopulationaaCensus Defined by Zip CodeaIndependent School Districts Census
Population80 843103 719NA
No. of children16 975b21 937b19 807b
LAIV-T vaccineesc495649614362
IIV-T vaccinesc193019441717
Total vaccinees6886 (40.6%)6905 (31.5%)6079 (30.7%)
  • NA indicates not applicable.

  • a US Census 2000 data define by city (Temple, Belton, Holland, Academy, Rogers, Salado, and Troy are the T-B intervention communities) or zip code (76501, 76502, 76503, 76504, 76505, 76508, 76513, 76534, 76554, 76569, 76571, and 76579) for the T-B intervention communities.

  • b Number of children in city and zip code is for children aged 5 to <19 years. Number of children who attended schools in the independent school districts is based on the census in the first 6 weeks for elementary, middle, and high school students in the T-B intervention communities.

  • c We vaccinated 7609 children 5 to 18 years of age with an influenza vaccine; 6569 children received LAIV-T, and 1040 received IIV-T. Approximately 24% of these children (1608 LAIV-T and 193 IIV-T vaccinees) lived in areas outside the intervention communities. An additional 1097 children who were 5 to 18 years of age and living in the intervention communities received IIV-T from the SWC. Thus, 4961 and 1944 children who were 5 to 18 years of age and resided within the zip code-defined intervention communities received LAIV-T and IIV-T vaccines, respectively.