Research Opportunities

Epidemiological research
    Develop precise terminology, definition, and classification
    Research on incidence and prevalence rates in defined populations
    Establish criteria for including (or not including) various types of vascular pathologies into the diagnosis of perinatal stroke
Risk factors
    Identify risk factors for perinatal stroke
    Explore the causal pathways between risk factors and perinatal stroke
    Develop standardized criteria for diagnostic imaging
    Establish neuroimaging-monitoring protocols for frequency and modalities during the acute and follow-up periods
    Develop neuroimaging criteria for prognostication
    Establish criteria for timing of the vascular events based on neuroimaging findings
    Establish criteria for comprehensive autopsy studies for confirming the diagnosis of perinatal stroke and exploring underlying causes
    Establish criteria for the evaluation of the placenta and the umbilical cord when IPS has been diagnosed
Ancillary studies
    Establish a minimum panel of tests to explore the existence of inherited and acquired thrombophilias
    Explore the value of tests to explore inherited and acquired thrombophilias in the mother and other family members
    Explore new therapies (eg, thrombolytic medications)
Public health
    Establish a stroke registry in the United States and develop collaborative working relationships with other existing stroke registries