1) I generally check on baby while he/she is asleep at night:
    Not at all12345Frequently (at least every 30 min)
1–2 times each night
2) If baby was awake and playing I would leave them unattended and out of earshot fora:
    Not at all12345More than an hour
About 15 min
3) If a friend came to visit and they had a cold I woulda:
    Not allow them in the house12345Ask them in and not restrict contact with baby
Allow them in but not to hold baby
4) My baby seems to get stomach (puku [M]) pains or other painsa:
    All the time12345Not at all
5) I am concerned that my baby isn't as healthy as he/she should bea:
    Always12345Not concerned
6) In general when I compare my baby's health to that of other children (tamariki [M]) the same age I think he/she isa:
    Less healthy12345More healthy
7) I find myself worrying that my baby may become seriously illa:
    All the time12345Not at all
8) I worry about cot death (SIDS)a:
    All the time12345Not at all
9) If you left baby with someone else, would you make contact with them while you were away?a
    Yes, definitely12345No, not at all
10) In the last 2 weeks I've contacted a health professional (eg, midwife, GP, after hours or emergency doctors, Plunket, Maori health provider) about baby:b
    Not at all12345Daily, or more
About once a week
  • M indicates Maori words included in the questionnaire to try to increase the acceptability of the questionnaire to Maori participants in a New Zealand setting.

  • a Reverse scored questions.

  • b This should not include routine visits that your midwife makes to see baby or that you make to your GP or Plunket for well-child checks/immunization, etc.