Definitions of Behavioral Profiles and Stages for Child Safety Seat Use, Smoke Alarm Use, and Poison Storage

Child Safety Seat UseSmoke Alarm UsePoison Storagea
Behavioral profile 4Have correct child safety seat, used every time, installed or inspected by expertChange batteries at correct intervals in all smoke alarms on all levelsNot applicable
Behavioral profile 3Have correct type of child safety seat, used every timeHave smoke alarm on every level, with batteries changed in ≥1Return poisons to locked place after each use
Behavioral profile 2Have correct type of child safety seatChange batteries at correct intervals in ≥1 smoke alarmKeep poisons in locked place
Behavioral profile 1Have child safety seatHave smoke alarmHave locked place
  • Within each behavioral profile, there are different stages of readiness to adopt the goal behavior, as follows: (1) unaware (does not know about the need for the behavior), (2) unengaged (not thinking about adopting the behavior), (3) undecided (thinking about adopting the behavior), (4) decided not to adopt the behavior, (5) decided to act (planning to adopt the behavior), and (6) acting (adopting the behavior).

  • a Poison storage items asked about adult prescription medications and poisonous household products such as gasoline and products containing lye (eg, hair-relaxing products).