Change in the Average Number of Sexual Partners in the Last 3 Months in States With Legislation Compared With States Without Legislation

No. Sexual Partners in Last 3 Mo
Average No. Change(95% CI)P
Among all students
 Any legislation−0.020(−0.050 to 0.010).18
 Legislation about vaccine cost and accessibility−0.016(−0.066 to 0.035).54
 Legislation about HPV education 0.0097(−0.042 to 0.022).54
Among different student populations (any legislation)
  Male−0.032(−0.080 to 0.016).18
  Female−0.0096(−0.030 to 0.011).35
 Age, y
  <17−0.022(−0.052 to 0.0082).15
  17 or 18−0.013(−0.056 to 0.030).55
 Race and/or ethnicity
  White−0.013(−0.047 to 0.022).47
  African American or Hispanic or other−0.025(−0.065 to 0.016).22
  • Each cell represents a separate regression with the dependent variables noted in the columns. For each dependent variable, the model includes survey year fixed effects, age, sex, and current grade fixed effects. Models include state-specific linear time trends and state fixed effects.