Percentage of Youth With Reported ADHD According to Child- and Family-Level Characteristics

Reported ADHDORa95% CI
Age, y
Highest education in family
    Less than high school6.50.7
    12 y, high school graduate8.–1.7
    More than high school7.–1.5
Primary language in home
    Any other language1.30.2
Child born in the United States
Percentage of poverty level
Any health care coverage
No. of children in home–1.6–1.3–1.2
    Family structure
    2 parents, biological or adopted5.60.2
    2 parents, stepfamily13.–2.9
    Single mother, no father present9.–2.1
Health burden of psychological difficulties
    No difficulties1.90.1
    Difficulties, no burden22.71.915.613.6–17.9
    Difficulties, little burden35.–33.6
    Difficulties, medium burden45.71.744.737.9–52.6
    Difficulties, great deal of burden58.22.573.759.0–92.0
Past 12 mo any health contact
Mother's mental health
Father's mental health
Repeated grade
  • a OR indicates likelihood of having a reported ADHD diagnosis given the demographic characteristic.