Characteristics of the Study Sample: NSCH, 2003

CharacteristicUnweighted (N = 22 399), naWeighted % or Mean
Expressive language concerns
    A lot9475.1
    A little279813.2
    Not at all1864281.7
Receptive language concerns
    A lot9615.2
    A little11205.4
    Not at all2031089.4
Fine motor skill concerns
    A lot7004.0
    A little5782.5
    Not at all2111393.6
Gross motor skill concerns
    A lot6433.4
    A little4602.1
    Not at all2128594.5
Breastfeeding initiation
Breastfeeding duration
    Never breastfed, mo593727.3
Child age, y (categorical)
Child age, y (continuous)
Child Gender
Child race/ethnicity
    Non-Hispanic white1471358.0
    Non-Hispanic black193413.3
Maternal nativity
    Not born in the United States310320.1
    Born in the United States1910679.9
Highest household education level
    Less than high school12789.3
    High school graduate458826.2
    More than high school1639664.5
Poverty level, % of federal poverty level
Family structure
    Single mother, no father present462323.2
    2-parent family1763776.8
Maternal general health (categorical)
    Very good736631.6
Maternal mental health (categorical)
    Very good788433.6
Maternal general health (continuous)
Maternal mental health (continuous)
  • a Numbers may not sum to 22399 because of missing values