Adjusted 4:3:1:3:3 Vaccination Coverage, NSCH, 2003

Variable DescriptionVaccination Coverage, Adjusted, % (± 95% CI)OR, Adjusted (95% CI)
Continuous primary care in the medical home
    Yes82 (2.0)Reference
    No78 (3.9)0.79 (0.58–1.07)
Marital status of mother
    Widowed, divorced, separated, or deceased74 (11.8)0.62 (0.34–1.12)
    Never married74 (5.9)0.63 (0.44–0.90)a
    Married84 (2.0)Reference
Insurance coverage for past 12 mo and current insurance type
    Always insured, private insurance83 (2.0)Reference
    Always insured, public insurance82 (3.9)0.94 (0.65–1.35)
    Intermittently insured, either private or public insurance76 (5.9)0.69 (0.43–1.13)
    Not insured74 (11.8)0.38 (0.14–1.01)
  • The variables included are those that remained after backward elimination. The following variables were eliminated from the model: WIC status, mother's age, and the interaction term continuous care in the medical home × insurance coverage by type. Adjusted vaccination coverage estimates were obtained by using the predicted marginals from the final logistic regression model.

  • a P < .001.

  • Data source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, State and Local Area Integrated Telephone Survey, NSCH, 2003.