Characteristics of Study Sample: NCSH, 2003 (N = 5400)

Variable DescriptionSample n, Unweighted%, Weighted
Current health insurance typea
Health insurance coverage for past 12 mo
    Always insured461286.6
    Intermittently insured55910.5
    Never insured1532.9
Highest level education attained by anyone in household
    Less than high school3436.4
    High school graduate (12 y)107219.9
    More than high school398573.2
Identified ≥1 persons as child's personal doctor or nurse
Continuous primary care in medical homeb
Preventive health care in either the past 12 or 24 mo
Race/ethnicity of child
    White, non-Hispanic364967.7
    Black, non-Hispanic3987.4
    Other, non-Hispanic4879.0
Poverty status
     ≥1.0, above poverty level415977.0
     <1.0, below poverty level80414.9
WIC status
    Currently receive125823.3
    Ever received102419.1
    Never received307457.6
Mother's education
     <12 y57310.6
    12 y130124.1
     >12, not college graduate106719.8
    College graduate245945.5
Mother's marital status
    Widowed, divorced, separated, or deceased3416.3
    Never married91617.0
Mother's age, y
First-born child
Health insurance coverage past 12 mo by current insurance type
    Always insured, private insurance333962.7
    Always insured, public insurance127323.9
    Intermittently insured, either public or private insurance55910.5
    Not insured1532.9
  • a Private health insurance referred to any type of health insurance, including health maintenance organizations, other than public programs. Public health insurance was defined as either Medicaid or a State Children's Health Insurance Program. Insurance type was measured only at the time of the interview.

  • b A child was determined to have received continuous care in the medical home if the respondent stated that he or she had an identified personal doctor or nurse for the child who knew the child well and was familiar with the child's health history and the child had received preventive health in either the past 12 or 24 months before the interview from the personal doctor or nurse.

  • Date source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, State and Local Area Integrated Telephone Survey, NSCH, 2003.