Gender-Specific Weighted Multivariate Logistic Regression Models Modeling Current ADHD Medication From Child- Family-Level Characteristics, Youth 4 to 17 Years With Reported ADHD

Child- and Family-Level Factorsβ CoefficientaSE βWald FP Wald FaOR95% CI
Boys with reported ADHD
    Overall model27.9.00
    Younger age0.550.–2.2
    >100% of poverty level0.460.–2.2
    Health coverage1.–6.0
    Health contact last 12 mo1.–4.2
    Psychological difficulties0.800.–3.0
Girls with reported ADHD
    Overall model6.0.00
    Younger age0.800.–3.4
    Health contact last 12 mo0.640.–4.1
    Psychological difficulties0.570.–2.9
    Fair-to-poor paternal mental health−1.180.410.–0.6
  • a Estimates were rounded to 2 decimal places for increased specificity.