Table 1.

Brief Version of the CES-D Directions: The next set of statements are about how you may or may not have felt during the lastweek. Circle the number of the answer that best describes how often you felt like this in the past week.

Less Than 1 Day1–2 Days3–4 Days5–7 Days
During the past week
 1. I felt sad.0123
 2. I felt depressed.0123
 3. I thought my life had been a failure.0123
 4. I felt fearful.0123
 5. My sleep was restless.0123
 6. I felt lonely.0123
 7. I had crying spells.0123
 8.  I felt that I could not shake off the blues even with help from my family and friends.0123
  • Note: Scores were obtained by adding the numeric values indicated.