Table 2.

Cumulative 12-Month Incidence (%) of URTI and LRTI Stratified for Parental History of Allergic Disease

Type of Respiratory Tract InfectionBoth Parents Nonallergic (n = 1700)Mother Allergic (n = 677)Father Allergic (n = 710)Both Parents Allergic (n = 331)Total
(n = 3418)
Doctor-diagnosed flu/serious cold42.248.745.853.545.3
Doctor-diagnosed throat infection5.
Doctor-diagnosed middle-ear infection17.216.818.319.617.6
Doctor-diagnosed bronchitis13.815.115.616.914.7
Doctor-diagnosed pneumonia2.
Other respiratory tract infections*11.715.713.413.113.0
Doctor-diagnosed URTI31.833.730.034.432.1
Doctor-diagnosed LRTI15.015.817.619.016.1
  • *  Parents also were asked, “Did your child have any other respiratory tract infections than flu/serious cold, throat infection, middle ear infection, bronchitis, or pneumonia?”

  •  Cumulative 12-month incidence of doctor-diagnosed URTI: flue/serious cold, throat infection, or middle-ear infection. Children with bronchitis, pneumonia, pertussis, or other respiratory infections were excluded.

  •  Cumulative 12-month incidence of doctor-diagnosed LRTI: bronchitis or pneumonia irrespective of other respiratory disease.