Table 1.

Demographics, Comorbidity, and Admission Clinical Findings in 601 Patients With VLRI

 Age (mo) (mean ± SD)3.3 ± 2.9
 Gender (M/F)58%/42%
 Cardiac disease7.8%
 History of wheezing*9.3%
 History of hospitalization11.3%
Clinical findings
 Admission physical findings
  Respiratory rate (mean ± SD)57 ± 15
  Fever (>38°C)35%
 Laboratory findings
  WBC (mean ± SD)17.6 ± 6
  CXR findings (no CXR in 27.2%)
   Pleural effusion1%
  RSV status (not tested in 25%)
   RSV positive62.2%
   RSV negative12.8%
  • SD indicates standard deviation; WBC, white blood cells; CXR, chest radiograph.

  • *  History of wheezing episode in previous 6 months.

  •  History of hospitalization for bronchiolitis in previous 12 months.