Non-CD Children and Screening-Detected CD Children With CD-Associated Conditions, Reported by Their Parents Before Knowledge of Results of the CD Serological Markers

CD-Associated ConditionNon-CD (n = 6154)CD (n = 140)OR (95% CI)a
Vitiligo831.421.51.1 (0.3–4.3)
Anemia570.921.51.5 (0.4–6.4)
Thyroid disease170.321.55.3 (1.2–23)
Type 1 diabetes220.410.82.0 (0.3–15)
Alopecia160.310.82.2 (0.4–21)
Trisomy 2140.110.811 (1.3–102)
Inflammatory bowel disease170.3000
Rheumatic disease190.3000
Dermatitis herpetiformis50.1000
Turner syndrome20000
CD family historyb1382.264.32.0 (0.9–4.6)
Any associated conditionc3676.014101.8 (1.0–3.1)
  • CD, celiac disease; CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio.

  • a OR of being a screening-detected CD case if condition(s) present compared with if condition(s) not present (with 95% CI) calculated by logistic regression, adjusted for gender.

  • b CD reported as present in the child’s biological mother, father, and/or siblings.

  • c Having ≥1 of the CD-associated condition(s) listed above.