Multivariate Associations With Admission Temperature

VariableParameter Estimate, °CaP
Multiple births0.05.045
Use of antenatal steroids0.10.006
Rupture of membranes >18 h0.19<.0001
Mean age at admission temperature0.17.0023
Intubation × birth weightb
    Birth weight with intubation, per 100-g increase0.13<.0001
    Birth weight without intubation, per 100-g increase0.04<.0001
5-min Apgar score, per Apgar point increase0.05<.0001
Center: lowest/highest average valuec−1.51/0.29<.0001
Measurement site: rectal/axillad0.40/0.22<.0001
  • a The parameter estimate indicates the magnitude of change in temperature (°C) in the presence of the variable listed. The overall model had an r2 value of 0.33 (P < .0001).

  • b There was a significant interaction between birth weight and intubation that resulted in different parameter estimates for birth weight on the basis of the presence or absence of intubation.

  • c Values for each center are relative to the reference center. For simplicity, the centers with the lowest and highest average admission temperature are listed.

  • d Values are relative to skin temperature.