Behavior Leading to Covering and Uncovering of the Infant Head (Head Covering to at Least the Level of the Eyes)

BehaviorProportion of Total Episodes, %
Covering of infant head (110 episodes from 22 infants)
    Parental covering
        Inadvertent movement of 1 or both parents65
        Inadvertent covering after a feed15
        Deliberate covering by mother2
    Infant covering
        Wriggles/turns head17
Uncovering of infant head (106 episodes from 22 infants)a
    Parental clearing
        Prompted by infant movementb36
        Not prompted by infantc22
        Repositioning at end of feed9
    Infant clears own face
        Arm/leg/head movement26
        Small head movement or turn6
  • a In 4 episodes, infant blanket level moved from “eyes covered” to “head covered” without uncovering.

  • b Deliberate clearing 28% by parent.

  • c Deliberate clearing 7% by parent.