Demographic Overview of the Southern Orchards Area at Time of Intervention (2009)

 Population Change 2000 to 2009–19
 Population Change 1970 to 2009–48
 Population African American55
 Population White40
 Population Under 18 (Tracts 56.10 and 56.20)23
Economic Conditions
 Total Poverty Rate (Income at 100% of Poverty Threshold or Lower)31.6
 Child Poverty Rate (Income at 100% of Poverty Threshold or Lower)49.1
 Labor Force Unemployed (Neither Full or Part Time Employment)21
 Change in Unemployment Rate 2000 to 2009+50
 Change in Unemployment Rate 1970 to 2009+600
Housing Conditions
 Households Homeowners43
 Households Renters57
 Property Vacant (US Postal Service & HUD)26.7
 Property Vacant (Tracts 56.10 and 56.20) (Hospital Led Community Survey)31.3
 Change in Vacancy Rate (Census) 2000 to 2009+50
 Change in Vacancy Rate (Census) 1970 to 2009+350
 Households Cost Burdened (Paying More than 35% of Income)48
 Change in Cost Burdened Households 2000 to 2009+23
  • Census Tract 56.10, except where noted. Source: 1970 Census; 2000 Census; HUD Neighborhood Stabilization Data; 2005/2009 American Community Survey; Data for Census Tract 56.10. All figures are estimates for 2009, except where noted.