Perceived Barriers to Giving Rotavirus Vaccine (N = 305)

BarrierDefinitely a Barrier, %Somewhat a Barrier, %Minor/Not a Barrier at All, %
Failure of some insurance companies to cover vaccination51.728.819.5
Lack of adequate reimbursement for vaccination42.232.725.1
Parents’ reluctance because of withdrawal of previous rotavirus vaccine26.441.632.0
The “up-front” costs to purchase the vaccine21.827.450.8
Physician’s concerns about the safety of rotavirus vaccine21.124.454.4
Difficulty obtaining adequate vaccine supplies19.733.147.1
Parents’ concerns about vaccine safety in general15.638.146.3
Parents not thinking that a rotavirus vaccine is necessary12.338.449.3
Physician’s concern about adding another vaccine to an already overloaded vaccine schedule8.920.170.9
Physician’s belief that rotavirus is not a severe disease that requires vaccination5.011.383.7
The time it will take for a physicians to discuss rotavirus vaccine safety with parents3.610.985.4
General administrative burden to my practice2.719.677.8