Comparison of Survey Respondents and Nonrespondents and Additional Characteristics of Respondents’ Practices

CharacteristicRespondents (n = 305)Nonrespondents (n = 126)Pa
Age, mean (SD), y48.9 (10.5)47.8 (9.9).30
Location of practice, %
    Urban, inner city10.89.5
    Urban non–inner city/suburban72.178.6
Region of the country, %
Practice setting, %
    Private practice86.687.3
    Public or community health center/university or hospital-based practice12.19.5
Proportion of patients with private insurance, %b
Proportion of patients of Hispanic race/ethnicity, %b
Proportion of patients of black race/ethnicity, %b
Participates in federal VFC program, %b77.9NA
  • HMO indicates health maintenance organization; MCO, managed care organization; NA, not applicable.

  • a Statistical analyses used were the χ2 test, t test, Fisher’s exact test, and analysis of variance.

  • b Data were available for survey respondents only.