Clinical AEs Reported During Days 1 to 15 Postdose 1, 2, and 3 and Across All Vaccination Visits in All Participants Who Received at Least 1 Injection of Vaccine

Postdose 1Postdose 2Postdose 3Across All Vaccinations
Participants with follow-up501500497498495482490486464501500497
Participants with
    Vaccine-related AEs33065.931062.035571.431463.123246.932166.630862.921844.931066.842384.439679.244489.3
    Vaccine-related injection-site     AEs31262.327655.233567.429258.622244.830362.929259.619840.730565.740580.837074.043587.5
    Vaccine-related systemic AEs8817.67815.610420.96012.0387.76112.75511.25010.34810.315430.713627.216032.2
    Serious AEsb00.
  • a Percentages calculated based on the number of participants with follow-up.

  • b There was 1 death and 1 nonfatal serious AE outside the 15-day postvaccination period, which are described in more detail in the text.