Table 3.

CPSC Standards for Cribs57

1.  Slats are spaced no more than 2Embedded Image in (60 mm) apart.
2.  No slats are missing or cracked.
3.  Mattress fits snugly: <2 finger widths between edge of mattress and crib side.
4.  Mattress support is securely attached to head and footboards
5.  Corner posts are no higher than one sixteenth in (1.5 mm) to prevent entanglement of clothing or other objects worn by child.
6.  No cutouts in the head and footboards, which allow head entrapment.
7.  Drop-side latches cannot be easily released by infant.
8.  Drop-side latches securely hold sides in raised position.
9.  All screws or bolts that secure components of crib are present and tight.