Savings per Booster Seat From Injury Reduction and Cost-Benefit Ratios

VariableNot Including Installation, Maintenance, or Cost of Passing and Enforcing a Seat Use MandateIncluding Installation and MaintenanceIncluding Installation, Maintenance, and Cost of Passing and Enforcing a Seat Use Mandate
Present value of savings per seat, $185418541854
    Medical spending245245245
    Other resource costs161161161
    Work loss433433433
    Monetized QALYs101510151015
Booster seat costs, $30197216
Net savings per seat, $1824$6571638
Seat costs per QALY saved, $27 809182 614199 780
Net savings per QALY saved, $a348 543a193 738a176 572a
Cost-benefit ratio61.89.48.6
  • a Booster seats and booster seat laws yield resource cost savings that exceed their implementation and maintenance costs. They offer net cost savings.