Demographic Characteristics and Treatment Data

TreatmentnMedian Age (Range), yGender, Female/Male% Louse Mortalitya% Egg MortalitybMean (Range) Temperature, °CAir Volume, cu ft/min
Bonnet-style hair dryer5411 (6–33)51/310.188.854.8 (41–63)9c
Handheld blow-dryer: diffuse heat269 (6–44)24/220.896.760.8 (50–67)41
Handheld blow-dryer: directed heat279 (6–32)25/255.397.958.5 (52–67)41
Wall-mounted dryer1510 (6–13)15/062.196.558.4 (53–65)103
LouseBuster with sections1810 (9–23)18/ (56–60)88
LouseBuster with hand piece1810 (6–33)16/ (58–59)88
LouseBuster with hand piece: follow-up examinations1111 (6–61)10/1NAdNAd58.9 (58–59)88
Total16910 (6–61)159/10
  • a Percentage of lice dead within 3 hours of treatment.

  • b Percentage of incubated eggs still unhatched after 2 weeks.

  • c Decreases rapidly with distance from input hoses under bonnet.

  • d Not calculated (see “Methods”).