RRs and 95% CIs for Being at Risk for Smoking and Drinking

VariableNAt Risk for SmokingAt Risk for Drinking
%Unadjusted, RR (95% CI)Adjusted for Covariates, RR (95% CI)a%Unadjusted, RR (95% CI)Adjusted for Covariates, RR (95% CI)a
R-rated movie rules
    Parent permits child to watch R-rated movies without a parent93621.2ReferenceReference30.6ReferenceReference
    Parent coviews R-rated with child49810.80.52 (0.39–0.69)0.72 (0.54–0.96)21.70.72 (0.59–0.88)0.92 (0.75–1.14)
    Parent prohibits child from watching R-rated movies11726.20.31 (0.24–0.40)0.54 (0.41–0.70)11.40.39 (0.32–0.47)0.59 (0.48–0.72)
Parental monitoring of children’s movie viewing
    Parent always goes into video store with child
        Yes16569.80.57 (0.46–0.70)0.75 (0.61–0.92)17.50.70 (0.60–0.82)0.91 (0.77–1.07)
    Parent always wants to know rating before child can watch movie
        Yes13418.80.55 (0.45–0.69)0.79 (0.64–0.99)15.80.66 (0.56–0.77)0.92 (0.78–1.09)
    Parent always requires child to check before watching movie
        Yes9309.00.67 (0.53–0.85)0.96 (0.76–1.22)14.50.66 (0.55–0.79)0.91 (0.75–1.09)
    Parent always checks what movie child might watch at friend’s house
        Yes4395.70.43 (0.29–0.63)0.61 (0.42–0.90)8.70.42 (0.31–0.56)0.60 (0.44–0.81)
  • a Separate models were used to assess each parental behavior. All models were adjusted for child’s age, gender, race, school performance, friend smoking, friend drinking, parent education, household income, parental monitoring of nonmedia-related behaviors, parent smoking, and parent drinking.