Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of 2- to 18-Year-Old Children With ASDs and Control Children Enrolled in the Northern California KP From July 2003 to June 2004

Children With ASDsControl Children
Children in study, n305330 529
Males, %81.050.6
Age, mean (SE), ya10.03 (.08)10.38 (.03)
    2–4 y, %11.314.9
    5–9 y, %35.128.0
    10–14 y, %35.932.5
    15–18 y, %17.624.7
Children with psychiatric conditions, %b336
Specific psychiatric conditions, %c
    Behavior disorder1613
    Adjustment disorder518
    Anxiety disorder2826
    Impulse disorder63
    Mood disorder2537
    Psychotic disorder51
    Axis II11
  • a The youngest child with ASDs was 2 years 0.5 months.

  • b Psychiatric conditions occurring during the study period (July 2003 to June 2004).

  • c Among the subset of children with psychiatric conditions.

  • d “Other” includes organic affective syndrome, unspecified organic brain syndrome, disintegrative psychosis, somatization disorder, physiological malfunction arising from mental factors, stuttering, anorexia nervosa, tic disorder, Tourette's disorder, sleep disorder, eating disorder, enuresis, encopresis, elective mutism, identity disorder, and unspecified emotional disturbance.