Regression-Model Factors Related to Costs of Outpatient Care for Children

VariableModel 1: All ChildrenModel 2: Non-CYSHCNModel 3: CYSHCN
Age, y−10.91−10.09−26.50a
Percent of FPL−0.65−0.44−0.88
Gender (male was comparison)
Race (white was comparison)
Health plan (primary care case management was comparison)
    John Deere (HMO 1)−15.1156.47−206.54
    Iowa Health Solutions (HMO 2)−104.15−77.08−297.13a
    Coventry (HMO 3)−70.1438.65−369.06b
Medical homeness1.754.39a−0.53
Has special health care needs230.55c
Health status (1 = excellent health)106.49b190.25c
Have a personal doctor116.64b153.98a7.71
  • — indicates variables not included in those models.

  • a Significant at P < .05.

  • b Significant at P < .1.

  • c Significant at P < .01.