Patient, Parent, and Referral Characteristics (n = 179)

Patient characteristics
    Age, mean (SD), y7.5 (5.3)
    Male gender10358
    Presence of chronic condition (identified by QUICCC-R)12774
    Medications (other than vitamins/fluoride)9856
    Presence of additional health conditions6035
        1 additional condition3721
        2 additional conditions137
        3 or more additional conditions85
    Other specialists seen in past year7845
        1 other specialist5028
        2 other specialists1419
        3 or more other specialists811
Parent characteristics
    Parental education level
        Less than high school63
        High school graduate4224
        Some college5532
        College graduate7141
Referral characteristics
    PCP-reported reason for initial referral
        Help in diagnosis12374
        Help in management11468
        Perform a specialized procedure2716
        Assume care for a problem148
        Parent request3320
    Specialty at which seen
    No. of specialty visits in 6-mo period (from scheduling computer system)
    Specialty site
        Multispecialty group2312
        Medical school15687
    Insurance type
        Fallon HMO3118
        Commercial/other managed care11064
    Need for PCP authorization for referral12376
  • Data are from parent reports except where noted. Percentages may vary because of missing data and/or multiple categories allowed (reason for referral). QUICCC-R indicates Questionnaire for Identifying Children With Chronic Conditions–Revised; HMO, health maintenance organization.