Table 2.

Parents' Beliefs About Immunizations*

% Agree
(% Strongly Agree)
% Disagree
(% Strongly Disagree)
Children should only be immunized against serious diseases.39 (20)55 (31)
Children get more immunizations than are good for them.23 (10)68 (37)
Immunizations are always proven safe before they are approved for use.71 (33)19 (7)
I am concerned that my child's immune system could be weakened by
too many immunizations.
25 (9)63 (33)
I am more likely to trust immunizations that have been around for a while.88 (64)8 (3)
Immunizations are one of the safest forms of medicine ever developed.78 (41)10 (4)
Immunizations are getting better and safer all the time, as a result of
medical research.
89 (60)4 (2)
Vaccines strengthen the immune system.71 (41)11 (5)
I have access to all the information I need to make good decisions about
immunizing my children.
92 (70)7 (4)
Parents should be allowed to send their child to school even if not immunized.14 (6)79 (63)
I am opposed to immunization requirements because:
 They go against freedom of choice.18 (10)75 (52)
 Only I know what is best for my child.18 (9)75 (47)
Immunization requirements protect my child from getting diseases from
unimmunized children.
84 (54)11 (5)
  • * Response scale for these questions is: strongly agree, agree, neither agree nor disagree, disagree, and strongly disagree.