Table 2.

Results of the Generalised Linear Model and Multiple Regression Analysis on the Relationship Between Baseline Energy Expenditure and Fitness Measurements

Log initial FM (kg)14.291.2<.001
Log VO2max (L/min)3.92−2.05
Ethnicity (1 = white, 2 = black)4.84−.27.03
TEE (kcal/d).130.72
AEE (kcal/d).110.74
Log REE (kcal/d).071.69.79
Log initial LTM (kg)2.762.69.1
Age (y)3.06−.09.08
Tanner stage (1–5)2.81−.37.1
  • Overall model r2 = .277.

  • * The rate of increasing adiposity (kg fat/ kg lean) is the dependent variable.