Association Between FEV1% and Asthma-Related Events: Multivariable Models

Parameterβ (CI)ORP
FEV1% predicted (10% increase)−0.18 (−0.13 to −0.24)0.83<.001
Night awakeningsa0.13 (0.07 to 0.19)1.13<.001
Previous hospitalization (≥1 in past 12 mo)b0.792.2<.001
  • CI indicates confidence interval.

  • Serious asthma exacerbations were defined as an emergency department visit, hospital admission, or oral steroid burst for asthma. The multivariable models were controlled simultaneously for age at baseline and time.

  • a Number of night awakening in the 4-week period just before FEV1 measurement.

  • b Reference case is no admissions in past 12 months.