Table 1.

Summary of Violent Television Commercials During 1998 Baseball Playoffs

NetworkGameStart (CST)Number of Total CommercialsNumber of Movie CommercialsNumber of TV*PromotionsNumber of Commercials UsingNumber of Commercials Using any Violent InteractionRE: Violent Commercials … Number for:
Violent ActsViolent ThreatsViolent ConsequencesNetwork TV ProgramsBig-Screen MoviesOther Ads
Fox (World Series)17:00102324 (2)710010820
Fox (World Series)26:5598125 (3)6809702
Fox (World Series)37:20107222 (3)6120121020
Fox (World Series)47:20106524 (3)1013013931
Fox (NLCS)17:15118525 (3)79010631
Fox (NLCS)27:1596317 (2)4707520
Fox (NLCS)33:15100117 (2)1303300
Fox (NLCS)46:45105419 (2)710010631
Fox (NLCS)57:10108220 (2)2707610
Fox (NLCS)63:20105326 (2)10130161321
NBC (ALCS)17:07103122 (4)2929810
NBC (ALCS)37:0792119 (5)4728611
NBC (ALCS)46:0798020 (6)4628602
NBC (ALCS)53:07113028 (5)4659900
NBC (ALCS)67:0799420 (4)4616330
Grand totals1550353287812612137105239
  • * Parentheses indicate number of obvious local promos.